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  • deutsch + englisch
    108 Min.
    614549 UK

    Originaltitel: Liebestraum
    Regie: Mike Figgis
    Darsteller: Kevin Anderson, Pamela Gidley, Bill Pullman, Kim Novak, Graham Beckel, Zach Grenier, Max Perlich
    USA 1991


    Inspired by the haunting music of composer Franz Liszt, "Liebestraum" is an ominous tale of lust, jealousy and murder. Award-winning writer/director Mike Figgis (Leaving Las Vegas) brilliantly weaves a smouldering blend of sex, death and music into a satisfyingly dark, sophisticated, seductive and romantic thriller. What begins as a passionate crusade to save a landmark building turns into a passionate love affair with dire consequences. Nick (Kevin Anderson), a professor of architecture who’s come home to visit his dying mother (Kim Novak), knows he must preserve a cast-iron building marked for demolition by Paul (Bill Pullman), a ruthless developer and former friend. But when he falls for Paul’s wife, Jane (Pamela Gidley), Nick unwittingly tempts fate with his own life. For buried within the walls of the landmark lies a dark secret – a murderous history which is linked to Nick and now may find him as its next victim! (Covertext)

    614549 UK
    Tonspur: Deutsch / Englisch / Französisch / Spanisch
    Untertitel: D, E + 7 weitere
    Länge: 108 Min.
    Bild: 16:9 Widescreen 1:1.85

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