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    113 Min.
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    Originaltitel: Before the Rain
    Regie: Milcho Manchevski
    Musik: Anastasia
    Darsteller: Katrin Cartlidge, Rade Serbedzija, Gregoire Colin, Labina Mitevska, Jay Villiers, Silvija Stojanovska, Phyllida Law, Josif Josifovski
    Mazedonien 1994


    Before the Rain unravels within an unstable and hostile climate where ingrained anxiety and fears of the past and present and political unrest lead to hate and violence.
    Comprising of three stories, Words, Faces and Pictures. Each focus on conflicted love haunted by a greater context. Both doomed by history and complicated by love. In Words we meet Kiril, a young monk who has taken a vow of silence in a reclusive monastery. He meets Zamira, a young Albanian girl who stands accused of murder and on the run from a revenge mob. In Faces we meet Aleksander, a disillusioned war photographer just returned from assignment and hoping to rekindle and relocate his affair with Anne a married London based picture editor. The final story, Pictures, sees Aleksander return to hi native village in Macedonia, now politically divided. Despite the cost, he helps Hana, his first love, whose daughter is accused of murder.
    Set mostly in Macedonia during the early 1990s the film occupies a time just after the countries independence from Yugoslavia in 1991. The dialect of Before the Rain, shows Manchevski to be a filmmaker of true genius. (Covertext)

    620164 UK
    Tonspur: Mazedonisch
    Untertitel: Englisch
    Länge: 113 Min.
    Bild: 16:9 Widescreen 1:1.85

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