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    93 Min.
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    651678 NL

    Originaltitel: The Lazarus Child
    Regie: Graham Theakston
    Darsteller: Andy Garcia, Frances O'Connor, Angela Bassett, Harry Eden, Geraldine McEwan
    USA 2004


    A road accident leaves seven-year-old Frankie Heywood gravely injured and deeply comatose, when she is hit by a bus, and her twelve-year-old brother Ben severely depressed and traumatised after he witnessed the event. Their parents, Jack and Alison, have to put aside their fights over their unstable marriage to focus on their damaged children. But as life looks as if it will never improve for the Heywoods, Jack and Alison hear of a controversial medical therapy that could cajole Frankie from her coma. The treatment involves communicating with the comatose patient to coax them back to consciousness and Ben is the key to unlocking Frankie from her sleep. But will the Heywoods risk their son to save their daughter... (Covertext)

    651678 NL
    Tonspur: Englisch
    Untertitel: NL
    Lšnge: 93 Min.
    Bild: 16:9 Widescreen 1:1.85

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