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    Originaltitel: Bloody Kids
    Regie: Stephen Frears
    Musik: George Fenton
    Darsteller: Richard Thomas, Peter Clark, Derrick O'Connor, Gary Holton, Gwyneth Strong, Caroline Embling, Jack Douglas, Billy Colvill
    Großbritannien 1979


    Set in the tense, nihilistic urban landscape of early-Thatcherism, award-winning playwright Stephen Poliakoff's (Gideon's Daughter, The Lost Prince) original screenplay is concerned with the drama surrounding two eleven-year-old boys - the manipulative Leo and the manipulated Mike, who grow up amid conflict and violence in Southend-on-Sea. A prank to test the fallibility of the police goes badly wrong and Leo is stabbed. With the police hot on his heels, Mike immediately goes on the run.
    Oscar-nominated, BAFTA-winning director Stephen Frears coaxes excellent performances from Richard Thomas and Peter Clark, who play the two juvenile leads Mike and Leo. Derrick O'Connor and Jack Douglas play the sorely tested policemen hot on their trail and Gary Holton plays a young punk who befriends Mike. The music, by composer George Fenton, was short-listed for a BAFTA.

    663128 UK
    Tonspur: Englisch
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    Länge: 90 Min.
    Bild: 4:3 Vollbild 1:1.33

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