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    92 Min.
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    683118 UK

    Originaltitel: Is Anybody There?
    Regie: John Crowley
    Darsteller: Michael Caine, Bill Milner, Leslie Phillips, David Morrissey, Thelma Barlow, Linzey Cocker, Adam Drinkall, Rosemary Harris
    Großbritannien 2008


    Edward (Bill Milner) isn't your average 12 year old. Obsessed with ghosts and the afterlife, his parents (Anne-Marie Duff and David Morrisey) are concerned that life might be passing him by. But when Clarence (Academy Award-winner Michael Caine), a retired magician, comes to stay with the family, Edward's world is disrupted and he is forced to interact with the the grumpy old man who's taken over his bedroom. As the weeks progress, their antagonism turns to friendship and Clarence convinces Edward to engage with the world of the living and the young boy helps Clarence confront the ghosts of his past. (Covertext)

    683118 UK
    Tonspur: Englisch
    Untertitel: E
    Länge: 92 Min.
    Bild: 16:9 Widescreen 1:2.35
    Extras: Interviews mit den Darstellern

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