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  • schwedisch
    100 Min.
    englische Untertitel
    620304 SEnicht mehr im Handel

    Originaltitel: Nattlek
    Regie: Mai Zetterling
    Darsteller: Ingrid Thulin, Jörgen Lindström, Keve Hjelm, Lena Brundin, Naima Wifstrand
    Schweden 1966

    NIGHT GAMES - Nattlek

    On the night before his marriage, a young man and his fiancee return to the castle where he grew up to find out why he is impotent. In flashbacks, it is shown that his aristocratic mother indulged in nearly every sexual perversion known to man: orgyes, incest, and so on. He and his fiancee blow up the castle, and she helps him begin a more normal life. (Covertext)

    620304 SE
    Tonspur: Schwedisch
    Untertitel: E, SWE
    Länge: 100 Min.
    Bild: 4:3 Vollbild 1:1.33 - s/w

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