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    Originaltitel: El coche de pedales
    internat. Titel: The Pedal Push Car
    Regie: Ramon Barea
    Darsteller: Álex Angulo, Rosana Pastor, Pablo Gómez, María Pastor, Mikel Losada, Isabel Ruth, Cesáreo Estébanez, Ione Irazábal
    Spanien 2003

    THE PEDAL PUSH CAR - El coche de pedales

    During The Easter Week of 1959, immersed in the tragic comical social milieu of Franco´s Spain, where the radio is still the center of the household, and where the light bulbs continue to work with few watts, the tale of a melodramatic account of the life of a nine-year old boy: Pablito. Pablito dearly wants to get a pedal-push car which he sees in a neighbourhood shop.
    His family are lower middle-class, a bit down on their luck - and they are suffering from a stressful comparison with other relatives of the family who have more bourgeoisie pretensions, better luck and some good connections. The desire for the pedal-push car, and with the hopes of attaining it thanks to some stimulation from his parents and with his savings box at the ready, takes him on a strange journey into the colourful and surprising family background full of lies and deceits. Pablito will survive this family melodrama and all its milieu thanks to his capacity for obtaining from his imagination the answers to some questions that his parents and teachers don´t provide for him. Pablito will create his own happy ending.. (Promotext)

    658404 ES
    Tonspur: Spanisch / Baskisch
    Untertitel: Englisch, Französisch, Esperanto
    Bild: 16:9 Widescreen 1:1.85
    Extras: Making of

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